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Sansui Transformer

Pair Match SANSUI 410-5234 6K : 8/16 Push-Pull Audio Output Transformers


Vintage Sansui Electric 1KW Step-Up & Step-Down Transformer


Sansui 1000a receiver power transformer for 2A3 300B 50 6L6 KT66 tube amplifier


Sansui 3000A Receiver Power Transformer - Untested


Sansui 9090DB Stereo Receiver Power Transformer


Sansui power transformer good for 2A3 300B PX4 PX25 AD1 RE604 71A NIB


Sansui power transformer good for 2A3 300B PX4 PX25 AD1 RE604. (ONE PIECE)


Vintage SANSUI Power Transformer R2100XX Stereo Receiver Part 17v 23v TESTED


Vintage SANSUI 221 Receiver Part - Used Power Transformer only - A002222 6GZ


Sansui AU-9900A Amplifier Parting Out Power Transformer + Dual Voltage Switch


240W Power transformers for dynaco El34 WE #142/124 6L6/KT66/300b tube amplifier


Sansui 1000A Complete Set of Screws / Bolts - Mounting Hardware for Transformers


Vintage PIONEER SX-550 Receiver Part - Used Power Transformer only - ATT-463 SMD


Sansui SR-737 Original Power Transformer. Part # 4002700. Parting Out SR-737.**


Sansui AU-9900A Amplifier Parting Out Metal Transformer base Plate


Sansui output transformer A1680XX


Sansui 6060 Original Transformer and Capacitors


Sansui 881 POWER TRANSFORMER - Vintage Receiver Parts 4002070


Sansui P-L45 Original Power Transformer. Tested Parting Out P-L45 Turntable.


Sansui 8080DB Receiver Power Transformer


SANSUI AU-D907 MC Transformer


Sansui 250 output transformer


Sansui output transformer A1680XX vintage used




Sansui transformer D1740XX vintage used


Sansui 5000X Power Transformer 4000970


Sansui QRX-9001 Quad Receiver Parting Out Power Transformer + Voltage Selector


Vintage SANSUI 1000A STEREO RECEIVER Power Transformer f 300B 2A3 6L6 amplifier


Sansui QRX-9001 Transformer with voltage selector and F-2643 board. Works great.


Sansui 9090 Stereo Receiver Parting Out Power Transformer cover,screws


Sansui XR-Q9 Turntable Transformer, With Voltage Selector Switch


Sansui DC Servo amplifier A-7 parts - Power transformer Tested p.


Sansui TU-719 Stereo Tuner Parting Out Power transformer


Sansui 5000A Receiver REPAIR PART - Power Transformer 400-52920 07-3


Sansui 800 Original Transformer. Part # 400-5310. Tested. Parting Out 800.


Sansui SR-1050E Stereo Turntable Parting Out Power Transformer


Sansui G5000 AC Power Transformer Part # 4002780. Tested. Parting Out G5000


Sansui P-2000 Turntable REPAIR PART - AC Power Cord Transformer 033550


Sansui FR-D35 Turntable REPAIR PART - Power Transformer P1490XX


SANSUI 5050 RCVR PARTS - power transformer


Sansui 5000A Stereo Receiver Transformer / tested for output voltage and shorts


MOTOR, TRANSFORMER, ELECTRONICS Sansui FR-D25 Turntable Record Player Parts


Sansui D 3000WR cassette deck Transformer


Sansui 9090 Original Power Transformer Mounting Screws. Parting Out 9090.